Where We Work

With a national office in Windhoek, Namibia and a regional programme office in Cape Town, South Africa, Positive Vibes initiates and implement programmes throughout Africa. Currently, PV works in over 18 countries (either directly or in partnership with others), mostly in East and Southern Africa, but also in West and North Africa.

An African Context

Our work is based on the current and emerging human rights context for LGBT+, Sex Workers, and Young Women & Girls in the four regions of Africa. Our analysis points to several challenges facing the groups we work with in Africa: Stigma and discrimination; gender inequity; sexual and physical violence; lack of participation; economic marginalisation; general marginalisation of LGBT+, Sex Workers and others (e.g. people who use drugs; adolescent girls and young women); and young or nascent LGBT+ and Sex Worker movements in most of the countries in which we work. These are driven by: Strong patriarchal power relations that perpetuate inequality, suppress voice and inhibit choice; the social and economic legacies of colonialism and associated legal and religious acculturations; traditionally cultural constructions and discourses; rhetoric by key political leaders and figures which reinforces widely held homophobic, transphobic, patriarchal and parochial views; few effective or genuine attempts by governments, regional institutions or Africa-wide bodies to reform discriminatory legislation or conform with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or other protocols for inclusive human rights practice and HIV service provision; often unsympathetic and discriminatory views put forward by traditional and religious leaders, and media practitioners.