Positive Vibes

Our Story

Positive Vibes can trace its roots from the 1960s World University Service, through the 1990s when it left behind its solidarity structure and became a development organisation. In 2001, the organisation started focussing on a Namibian HIV programme with a personalisation-centred approach, and from there Positive Vibes has grown into an important learning organisation working across Africa and now venturing into the Middle East and Asian regions.

We became a fully Namibian Trust in late 2008 and are now a Linking Organisation (LO) of the International HIV/AIDS Alliance (IHAA) based in Brighton, but remain our own autonomous entity.

We work across 17 countries on the African continent, with main offices in Namibia and South Africa, and have hundreds of community organisations that we support to ensure our life-changing work can be carried out.

While the organisational structure, geography and scope of work is ever changing, the core values of rights and solidarity and the working modality of working directly with social movements is in direct continuation of the “liberation movement tradition” and there is a clear line from the struggle against apartheid to the struggle for PLHIV, LGBT+, sex worker, and adolescent girls & young women’s rights.