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Our work centres around the themes of development, human rights and change. It’s all about learning how to change societies and people’s lives for the better – and making concrete contributions to ending othering, discrimination and oppression

Positive Vibes’ strategy is operationalised and monitored via multiple programmes and projects — some multicountry
or regional, others operating at national-level only, and others as discreet ‘special’ projects.

Our programmes are either Regional or Namibian for historical reasons. PV began in Namibia as a national organisation focusing on the experiences and rights of people living with HIV. Later, as our vision expanded, our approach and practice was more clearly articulated, and opportunities arose to work on a wider front, the organisation as a whole became more regionally focused. Nevertheless, PV remains a legitimately Namibian organisation as well as a regional one reaching out across the African continent, into the Middle East and South-East Asia.

Regional Programmes

Namibian Programmes

One of the limitations of working regionally is that one does not have necessarily have a legitimate voice in each country context.

For example, Positive Vibes has programmes in Zambia, Lebanon and Tanzania, but we are not citizens of those countries or registered there. In such cases, we cannot directly lobby institutions and actors as PV – instead, we work with partners who have this level of legitimacy and find ways of augmenting their efforts and doing the work together.

In Namibia, however, we are a legitimate, indigenous player, and can engage in direct influencing work with the state (for example), as well as working in partnership with other local organizations and movements.

For this reason, our Namibian programme is:

  1. somewhat different in design and heavier on advocacy work than the regional programmes;
  2. a key laboratory for learning that feeds our regional work; it is the space in which our programming can be most comprehensive and where our implementation is most direct.

Current Programmes

Past Programmes