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KP Connect Programme

Creating enabling environments for HIV, health and rights programming with key populations (KP) in Africa

The  International  HIV  and  AIDS  Alliance  (the  Alliance)  Africa  Regional  Programme  (ARP)  3  phase  2 (also  known  as  KP Connect)  is  a  four  year  programme  running  from  2014  to  2017.  The  programme  is implemented  in  10  countries  in  Africa:  Botswana,  Burundi,  Côte d’Ivoire,  Kenya,  Senegal,  South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. It aims to create a more enabling environment for HIV, health and rights programming  with  key  populations (KPs) in  Africa. In  this  context,  key populations  are  defined  as men  who  have  sex  with  men  (MSM),  transgender  people,  sex  workers and  people  who inject drugs  (PWIDs).

Read the program reports:

SIDA 2016 Annual Report

Towards Completion Workshop Report


HIV, Health and Rights for Sex Workers

HIV, Health and Rights for Sex Workers – French

Learning and Sharing Follow Up

Annual Learning Event 2017 Report

Learning and Sharing Report – French

Learning and Sharing Report

Mid-Term Report

2017 Social Network Mapping

2017 Social Network Mapping – French