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Statistics 2013

By Population

(Total number of people reached to nearest 100)

Total People living with HIV reached: 14,900

Total People directly affected by HIV (e.g. partners of PLHIV, family members): 16,100

Total Children Reached: 1,100

Total MSM reached: 990

Total Sex Workers reached: 21

Total Transgender people reached: 70

By age

Young Adolescents (10-14): 200

Older adolescents (15-18): 2300

Young people (19-24): 10,400

Adults (>25): 19,500

By activity

Number of people reached through stigma and discrimination reduction activities: 1,579

Number of contacts through information materials and public events: 16,104

Number of people reached with interpersonal communication activities on HIV prevention: 17,338

Number of people reached by care and support programmes: 17,338

Number of vulnerable children receiving care and support within the community: 527


Number of health workers, local officials, and law enforcement personnel sensitised to reduce stigma and discrimination: 469


Number of completed referrals for people most affected by HIV to access HIV and health services: 2,219


Number of people who successfully completed a training programme: 309


Number of CBO staff trained in stigma and discrimination reduction of key populations: 231


Number of NGOs/CSOs supported financially to work at community level: 23


Number of TS activities undertaken provided by the organisation: 23


Number of organisations provided with TS: 17


Number of distributed copies of information materials on HIV or SRH: 7,831


Number of condoms distributed: 31,907


Number of sachets of lubricant distributed: 300


Number of decision makers or influencers reached through advocacy: 400


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